La Traviata. Giuseppe Verdi opera in 3 acts, 4 scenes libretto: Francesco Maria Piave after Alexander Dumas Jr. A1-Preludio. Prelude A room in Violetta’s house . La traviata, opera containing the Italian text, with an English translation, and the music of all the principal airs. [Libretto by Francesco Maria. Violetta Valéry knows that she will die soon, exhausted by her restless life as a courtesan. At a party she is introduced to Alfredo Germont, who has been.

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La traviata | opera by Verdi |

Now first let’s try the humour of Fortune; we’ll open the ring to the dauntless gamblers. Il Dottore si avvicina ad esse; il Marchese si trattiene a parte col Barone; Gastone taglia, Alfredo ed altri puntano, altri passeggiano.

You cannot know how your old father has suffered. I shall wait for him. Is that a promise? ALL Trxviata, to the poet. He turns to go out. Nulla son io per lui.

Jealous madness, love deceived, Ravaged my soul, destroyed my reason. Siede, apre un libro; poi guarda l’ora sul caminetto. As she does so, Traviats sees Dr. I servi frattanto avranno imbandite le vivande.


This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat Annina nods her head, then goes to open the door. She runs out to the garden. Dall’ira lireto son qui venuto! A libretto may be in verse or in prose; it may be specially designed for a particular composer,…. May God save you, then, from remorse, I shall be dead, but I shall love you still. ALL You mean Violetta?

Surely your heart will not deny The prayer I utter now. Sedie, tavolini, qualche libro, l’occorrente per iscrivere.

What he devil are you up to? I love Alfredo now, God has wiped out his past. Violetta becomes agitated and says that Germont must not find her there.

Noi siamo zingarelle venute da lontano — “We are gypsy girls who have come travizta afar”; Di Madride noi siam mattadori — “We are matadors from Madrid”. Violetta e Germont sono disgiunti. Violetta is seated on a sofa talking to the Doctor and some other friends, who come and go. Alfredo’s father, Giorgio Germont, is announced and demands that she break off her relationship with his son for the sake of his family, since he reveals that Violetta’s relationship with Alfredo has threatened his daughter’s engagement Giorgio: I have called you here as witnesses that I have paid her all I owe.


A traviats courtesan Violetta abandons her happy but empty life and binds with s librrto nobleman Alfred Germont. Feeling annoyed, the Baron trzviata to the gambling table and joins him in a game.

Largo al quadrupede sir della festa, di fiori e pampini cinta la testa. Do not close your heart to hope. However, within a short time, a synopsis was dispatched to Venice under the title of Amore e morte Love and Death. That already I see the end is near?

He accuses her of bewitching his son, but she reminds him, with dignity, that she is a lady rraviata her own house. She points towards the other room.

La Traviata

Alfredo surmises that Violetta has gone to sell more of her possessions, but he is confident that Annina will stop her. Get out of here!

Even in sorrow, Remember you were happy there, There alone can peace Shine on you again.