Results 1 – 30 of 36 Publication date, new to old. 1; 2 ·» · The Man In The Rockefeller Suit. 16% off Dziwny przypadek Rockefellera · Mark Seal. 01 Jan Results 1 – 23 of 23 Przypadek na odpu?cie – by Kami?ski, Jan Nepomucen and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books Dziwny przypadek papierowego Yody: Angleberger Tom .. Dziwny przypadek Rockefellera. Dziwny przypadek Rockefellera. Zdumiewająca kariera i spektakularny upadek seryjnego oszusta Mark Seal. antologia prezentująca najlepsze czeskie.

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A journalist for thirty-five years, Mark Seal is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair and the author of Wildflower: Inspired by this book to read about the real Rockefellers, I picked up Ron Chernow’s biography of the big man himself, John D.

He spends time in New York where he pretends to be a skilled stock broker. While I will continue to be intrigued by this character, and I especially want to see how he fares in his upcoming trial for the murder of a couple from San Marino, CA, I was not as impressed by Mark Seal’s writing as I had hoped I would be.

Next, I’ll have to follow the John Sohus case Gerhartsreiter may have killed the wife too, but no body has been found. And then one of his scams caused a couple of people to come up missing.

Obviously, when he kidnapped Snooks, Sandra Boss freaked out knowing the “Clark” could disappear again under a different identity. Of course there were signs and certainly many that people can think of retrospect. Ina 17 year old German youth named Christian Gerhartsreiter left his home for the United States and became, over the years, one of the great con men in history. I burned through this book in just six days. The first half ends with him leaving town in a truck that belonged to acquaintances who have gone missing.


I really felt that the book dragged in parts and did not give me a complete picture – there are clearly holes in this story. This man’s life may have included murders, did include kidnapping, stealing, lying about who he was, using his rockefellera names to scam people pgzypadek of money, just over all a Bad Man.

We justify bad decisions and misplaced trust more often than not. Some of his identities were quite different from one another, which makes pulling them off impressive. I have to say the book dragged in the middle because it just went on and on and on about the guy’s layered deceptions, przypaadek centered around his enthrallment with Thurston P.

I am glad I did, because the story is incredible, both An excellent, concise account of the life of Christian Gerhartsreiter, a German immigrant who pulled one of the most incredible con jobs of all time. That might pass grammatically but it’s a stuttering, halting sentence that makes for horribly awkward reading when the book is littered with rockfellera examples.

When he was pretending to be Clark Rockefeller how come none of his wealthy cronies ran into actual Rockefellers and mentioned him? Criticism of this book – fails to uncover WHY he masqueraded under rockefeolera many identities.

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How was she duped by this guy? I listened to the audiobook, which was really well narrated by Erik Singer, for my book club this month. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. What a life this guy led, bizarre is the best adjective I can come up with. If we didn’t have that belief, I think daily life would become a struggle. He was a gifted linguist, an undoubted charmer and an apparent computer genius: Dziwmy can’t stop reading the book.


Along the way he has cultivated a depth of knowledge in exactly the kinds of things rich people like to talk about.

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While Gerhartsreiter was a fantastic con man, he was enabled by several extremely gullible people, particularly his ex-wife. While reading this book, Seal shows time and again that Gerhartsreiter rarely told the same story the same way to two different people.

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He was able to disappear so completely every time he created a new identity that the rocketellera working on his case say they felt as if they were chasing a ghost. Many details are delivered, many interviews conveyed.

He went through a few identities on the way to becoming a Rockefeller, a name which opened a lot of doors for him. Clark Rockefeller’s real name – Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter was from Germany and he came to this country in