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Atlas Estates has also downloaded the selected projects on the its web pages, presenting the investment and arrangement potential of the offered apartments. Taking this assumption into account, Drewpol introduced four classic collections of bent forms. Drewpol, still making furniture fronts and components has become an alternative for making custom furniture. This is a very advanced tool but as it happens in life, the more diversified production the more difficult it is to implement all the real processes into the system.

This model looks best in spacious kitchens since its wide cupboards and drawers, made of flat panel with horizontal arrangement of veneers and a wide frame are well exposed then. On the one hand, it is fully justified, on the other hand – the costs of supporting ecology are often horrendous. Controlling the margin is tempting on one hand but on the other it is risky. Some time later we made an offer and bought the objects. How do you see the current situation of Polish enterprises which manufacture furniture?

There is always such a situation when someone outbids, then this person is lacking in a moment and must undertake corrective actions. If Euro is cheap it hurts me because I have to sell cheap but the material is also cheap. The ash tree, particularly under the coloring looks fantastic, it has such a fine structure and delicate pores. Drewpol is clearly associated with wooden front panel production. This lack of brand in polish furniture industry is the Achilles heel.


Its specially shaped panel forms a handle with the upper sile, thus creating a complete, fully functional product.

We have protected ourselves in a way that we buy this material abroad and we pay in Euros and this is nice for me because when Euro is expensive then I pay much for the material but I have a high income. We carry out the production with accordance to the orders. We spent much money on the project of computerization which is still in progress.

Dziennik Nowogardzki 1

For them, a collection of modern frontsmade of wood and showing the beauty of this natural material was created. This is a new type of front with the panel moved back and with a lower grip function, which was presented as a new one at the stand.

The first was granted by the chapter of architects, interior designers, furniture stores representatives, accessories and furniture wholesalers, representatives o universities and institutions associated with the furniture industry in the nowogarszki Furniture Plus – Product of ” competition.

The previous year made the Drewpol company open to new directions of activities. Since the last year, we started to show that our nnowogardzki are suitable for any kind of interiors.

While creating the projects the contestants had to bear in mind the plans of the apartments handed in by the organizers and dziennjk expectations of their inhabitants. You can state for sure that they are fronts for years. They differ stylistically because of the additions selected from the Drewpol offer.

at WI. Nowogardzki Niezależny Portal Informacyjny | Niezależny portal

The other was granted for the “Golden Villas ” contest, organized by the editors of the ” Villa “magazine, where the design, qualityoriginality and innovation of the productbut also the price and relevance to the needs of the Polish market were taken into account. The process of renovation can give it a second life by changing its colour or finishings.


Grinding works are carried out mainly by hand at several positions. It’s passion enchanted in wood.

The range of colours is very wide, starting from dark up to the light ones or natural, earth tones, all of which can be further adapted with patina. If we say we rely on experience and on trying to apply the best technologies available on the market for finishing our products then we do not say this but we show this. Yes, I think it may come back — because of the Russia situation. However, if you do not want to resign with this stylewe recommend clear frontssuch as rubbing white, cream or beige.

So far Drewpol has been perceived on the market as a company producing classical wooden fronts and furniture components.

It can be used for every room, which is why it is often chosen by the lovers of a coherent arrangement of the kitchen and the living room. When facing the crisis, the company had to put emphasis on replacing the product offer. We have a credit promise from a bank but the situation is so uncertain that we have put this process on hold. It stain of saturated cherry- chestnut shade emphasizes the original vertical- horizontal grain system.

It consists of four chamberseach with 22 shelves.

The embers of the company came to the conclusion that it is time to change the location of the headquarters.