1.) Define DB2. DB2 is a Database Management System for the MVS Operating System where, DB2 is a subsystem of MVS Operating System. A.6 I had DB2 V on Windows after which I uninstalled it and then. IBM DB2 UDB Interview Questions Answers. Mainframe DB2 UDB Admin Interview Questions, FAQs. What is online reorg/offline?.

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How is the status of a utility reset after it has been stopped by DB2?

DB2 LUW DBA HowTo / DB2 LUW DBA Candidate Interview Question Sampler

What is the error code for Unique Index Violation? How many sub queries can you combine together? What is a root page? Both online and offline are there, online reorg db22 other transaction to access the tables.

What are foreign keys? It is specified as a condition or criteria to ensure data integrity. Which DB2 command is used to retireve environmental information? If not, then what is the point of using it? What are the isolation levals possible? How do you retrieve the data from a nullable column? What are the four lockable units for DB2?


Interview Questions: db2 udb dbA Interview Qustions

How do we control or influence the allocation of these memory sets? Where are plans stored? What are delete-connected tables? Nope ;-0 first level IBM Team only does it!! What database configuration parameter establishes the minimum number of logs? Once you create a view, where would information about the view be stored?

What technique is used to retrieve data from more than one table in a single SQL statement? What will the DB2 optimizer do? How does one remove entires from the SCT02 table?

What are the three tyes of page locks that can be held? For each and every row that is qualified, the evaluation of correlated sub-query is a must. The reason for the same is that the pre-compiler never refers to the catalogue tables of DB2. Can DASD types assigned to storage groups be intermixed? In which column of which DB2 catalog would you urb the length of the rows for all tables?


What is a data page? Until udv COMMIT is taken table locks are retained, which can prevent other concurrent processes from accessing the table resulting in lock wait.

What is the significance of DB2 free space and what parameters control it? What is a recovery log? What does it mean if the null indicator has -1, 0, -2??

When an application use private sort? When can you be sure that a quary will return onlyl one row?

DB2 UDB Interview Questions Answers

What is the size of a data page? What is the difference between primary key and unique index? What is a view?