Bryan Haycock, author and founder of the Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST) method and Hypertrophy-Specific Nutrition (HSN), began lifting weights in By Bryan Haycock, Editor-in-Chief. Discuss this article in the HST Forum. This is a workout that I designed after years of studying hypertrophy-specific research. Bryan Haycock’s interview with T-mag, informative, basic summary of HST. Part 1. Mr. Hypertrophy. An Interview with Bryan Haycock by Chris Shugart.

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Much more effective as a growth stimulus. I maintained as much consistency in the basic lifts as possible to ensure progression.

So, aside from incremental changes in the number of contractile filaments hypertrophyvoluntary strength production i. After publishing the article in ThinkMuscle newsletter, people began to apply HST in their own training regimes. How many reps and sets should I do for Hypertrophy specific training? Hypertrophy-specific training is designed by Bryan Haycock. In this way you can keep anabolic activity of the muscle at an elevated level.

Assign your max weights to the final workout of each two-week block. For each bodypart I chose a compound movement, a stretched movement and a contracted position movement as outlined by Steve Holman in his Positions of Flexion POF program for maximum fiber stimulation.

Here’s what all that means and how it relates to building scary strength. Repetitions will decrease every 2 weeks in the following order: In order to maximize muscle growth you need to provide sufficient frequency.

A plant chemical proves to be as effective in shrinking the prostate as prescription drugs, but far safer. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Jones knew better than anyone that if you want an audience, you start a shit-fight, and in this case it meant attacking the prevailing methodology espoused by the Weider Empire and particularly Arnold Schwarzenegger. Each muscle group should be trained three times per week. The interest in muscle growth is fairly new in academic circles.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: If you are, your workout will be effective. The rest of my weights were also steadily progressing upwards especially on the back exercises, shoulders and hamstrings.


You simply reach your maximum voluntary strength eventually. There is a limit to the number of increments you can hdt to increase the load. Sets Sets will be limited to one or two work sets per exercise. There’s no problem with a single work set per body part as long as the frequency is sufficiently high and the progression in weight is consistent followed by an appropriate period of strategic deconditioning. Chin ups Wide and narrow grip and seated or bent over row wide and narrow grip Shoulders: Crunch, or crunch machine Example training for 2 weeks 10 repetitions 10 maximum repetitions for all exercises for which loads have been established: The whole workout can be haycick into a morning and afternoon session.

This training frequency is based on research that demonstrates you can train a muscle before it’s fully recovered structurally and not inhibit its ability to continue to recover.

HST Training Program

This is good stuff! It also treats erectile dysfunction. The bryyan has experienced a rapid growth in popularity and has set a new standard for scientific accuracy in fitness publications. InBryan was invited to write and work as editor-in-chief for the online gaycock Mesomorphosis, founded by Millard Baker. The secret of training for a body builder can be summed up in one word: In OctoberBryan wrote a short, to-the-point article describing a training method which research later called “the best system for muscle growth”.

This adaptation resistance to the stimulus can happen in as little as 48 hours rapid training effect. Over time, the tissue adapts and becomes resistant to the damaging effects of mechanical load.

Hypertrophy Specific Training – The Best Hypertrophy Program? – Carved Outta Stone

This frequency is also based on the time course of acute anabolic effects of training see “High Frequency Principle” above.

You will still end up reaching your maximum voluntary strength. Some lifters call this resting period as recovery phase. And I always try to get to a total of 30 reps 2 sets of 15can be like 1 set of 15, and 1 failing set of 15 split in 12 reps and 3 reps with 10 second pause. I bumped the reps to 20 for legs and set up 4 different programs that I would work on an A,B,C,D rotation because I was training twice a day, 6 days per week.


Progressive Load If you train with weight eventually your body gets adapt to it, as a result muscle tissues become resistant to damage from mechanical load. You’ll only be performing one or two work sets per exercise in this full body workout. Strategic Deconditioning Strategic deconditioning taking some time off re-sensitizes the muscle to weight loads that once were able to promote growth, but since have failed to do so.

So if you would normally do 8 sets of bench-press a week 4 Monday and 4 Thursdaythose 8 sets would be spread into set blocks every other day.

High frequency training will provide the optimum environment for muscle growth. This mechanism involves, but isn’t limited to: Then, I began reading muscle magazines and buying books.

The downside of taking a rest week every brywn you load a muscle is that many acute responses such as increased protein synthesis, prostaglandins, IGF-1, and mRNA levels all return to normal after around 36 hours. As I mentioned before for each workout we need to add pounds from beginning to last. Incline treadmill brisk walk should be your first choice.

Hypertrophy Specific Training (HST) Workout Program

Then, in 5 to 10 pound increments, assign weights in decreasing fashion starting from the last workout working backward to the first. HIT was invented by Arthur Jones another certified froot-loop who needed an iconoclastic marketing angle to sell his Nautilus Machines.

For creating consistent stimulus for muscle growth high frequency training is very important. Because of this reason HST suggests to use a 2 week period hsycock each rep range.