Printed Manual for MP Systems are available for separate order. The BIOPAC MP system is a flexible, proven modular data acquisition and analysis system . Data Acquisition and Analysis with BIOPAC Hardware Systems. Reference Manual for. AcqKnowledge. ®. Software & MP/MP36R, BioHarness, B- Alert. The MP Hardware Guide describes how to connect and set up various signal- conditioning The guide details different applications and uses for the MP data acquisition system. MP Data Acquisition Systems · MP Systems with GLP.

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You could immediately change a visual stimulus based on mnual you get. What software did you use hoping for presentation? Biopac input to Presentation Nathalie Biopac to a computer with Matlab and Presentation that presents stimulus.

Did you present stimuli at the same time or was it just a feedback display? If Biopac can output the calculated HR online in dll does this mean that i could input it in matlab and send it through to the presentation computer? Then jp150 no solution for me because I just need the signal to be transmitted to the computer without participants hearing it. Presentation can record from a microphone, but it does not analyze the wavefiles at niopac, or do anything with them during runtime other than save them.


In that case you don’t need their Acqknowledge any more. However, this may be beyond the capabilities of many users.

I found out that Biopac might be able to present a sound that changes according to a calculated channel menu: But, the software needed to transmit HR through Ethernet from M150 to another computer is expensive. I would like to get heart rate information from Biopac to Presentation. Jonathan Berrebi Otherwise, it would depend on the other interfacing capabilities of Biopac, with which I’m not familiar. If not, how could i make it possible?

If you can, I suppose you could calculate the frequency of the sinwave comming in and use that value to change the color of the display. Thank you for your help! This appears to just be a way to display certain data being measured by Biopac on the screen in the AcqKnowledge software.

Submit Lost Login Create Account. But, that means that I need to play the sound out loud, no?

BIOPAC Triggering & Gating Solutions

Or, maybe just have one computer? Since you are not logged in, please enter the text below. I looked at the AcqKnowledge manual here http: But, could be acceptable. Biopac input to Presentation.

  ASTM E456 96 PDF

Neurobehavioral Systems

You can avoid this box by logging in before posting. Not really optimal because I will get no info on how much HR has changed. Peter Pebler You cannot set up a server in Presentation that will accept connections from other systems. So, my question is: Would that be possible to use the dll for matlab toguether with the matlab interface for Presentation?

I could trigger when HR goes up and when it goes down. Therefore, I think they misunderstood your question – they probably thought you just wanted to view the heart rate value in real time, not communicate that value to another system which will change the stimulus display conditionally. If MatLab can do this, you could consider using the Matlab extension, but I’m not sure what the timing of that would be like.