I am using (beez5) and have uploaded aiContactSafe to use as my contact After that you can find other tutorials on aiContactSafe here. By default, emails sent from aiContactSafe forms will be delivered to the From In this aiContactSafe tutorial, we will show you how to change the recipient. This link will direct users to a form already setup within aiContactSafe. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to create this Contact Us link in your.

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How easy were the instructions to follow? Setting up and Configuring Joomla 2. If i want to change some infos for other language.

Contact us about this article. Delete selected Delete the selected messages asking the confirmation aicontcatsafe for all of them. Browse the Latest Snapshot. InMotion Hosting Customer Community. Changing the width of fields in aiContactSafe forms. One titorial hard and ten being easy.

Field used as send to sender Select the field to determine if the message is sent to the sender or not. This is where you must confirm the deletion of one or more messages. Click on the name of each column of the table to order the records by that column. Click the top checkbox to select all the records on this page. Installing and Changing Templates in Joomla 2.

This is where you can manage the profiles of the contact form. How to install aiContactSafe in Joomla 2. Just make sure all the parameters are separated by a vertical bar. Are there spelling or grammatical errors?


aiContactSafe – Algis Info Grup

You can gutorial it anyway you see fit. Here are the instructions for each button: This is where you can see all messages received by aiContactSafe. You can use HTML tags with this. This can only be an “Email” or “Email – List” field type. This is where you can see all the files attached or about to be attached to aicontadtsafe messages sent from the contact form generated by aiContactSafe. Contact form width Set the width of the contact form. Installation It’s working in Joomla!

aiContactSafeLink – Algis Info Grup

Last edited by imanickam on Thu Mar 08, 1: Click “Cancel” to cancel the deletion of the messages. The text in the link will be “Click to contact us”. Meta keywords Place a meta keywords tag on the contact gutorial.

Short description aiContactSafeLink is a native Joomla! I can’t offer support for other extensions. This will be automatically activated if you use the form in a plugin or module. You create a menu link for tutoriap language and select the appropriate profile to use with it. The subject and the email address are prefilled.

To modify this behavior you need to add another parameter into the code generating it. Delete Delete one or more profiles. Use the top right toolbar to save, apply or cancel the information entered into the form.

You can select one or more records by clicking on the checkbox on the first column of the table. Email address Specify the email address to which the contact form information is sent. Create a Contact Us page in Joomla 2. This will be automatically changed only if the status is not changed by hand.


By default the address of the sender is added here. Setting up a Joomla 2. Email The email address of the sender.

When the problem dissapeared you identified the extension with the problem and you can look for suggestions below on how to fix it. Are there broken links on the page? Published Activate checked or deactivate this profile. In this aiContactSafe tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps for adding new fields to your forms.

All the fields used as the email parameters name, email, subject, send to sender have to be selected here. After that you put the plugin code in the article where you want the form to be displayed the same as for other Joomla content plugins and the code is explained in that article.

Reply Send a quick reply to the sender of the selected message.

Your name and comment will be displayed, but we will not show your email address. Edit Modify the parameters for an existing profile. You will have to select all the messages you want to delete, by clicking the checkbox on the left side of the name of the sender. Unpublish Set a profile unusable in front end. Make sure you clear the cache both in Joomla and in your browser before each check.